The splendour of reality:

It is showing the beloved at their best, enobling them with just the right light. It means going to the heart of the subject, to its very soul. It also means being a "fisherman of the moon", capturing the imperceptible reflection of the subject, its effervescence and its permanence.

Fernando Gualtieri in Talamello
In 1966, GEORGES DUHAMEL, of the Académie Française, wrote:

"Fernando Gualtieri gives us a beautiful and radiant surprise. He brings his art as a painter to the service of all objects: - the still life, the portrait, the compositions…"

This joyful discovery was adopted internationally in Canada, China and Japan in some of the most important museums and cultural centres, where he is recognised as being the master of "The Splendour of Reality". Before tracing his long journey, both in France and abroad, let us attempt to define this painter whose work does not belong to any movement.

He is a loner with a thirst for light, who paints the visible and the invisible, the real and the unbelievable.

He puts his soul in the body of crystals, in tissues, and countless other objects.

With the passing years, his large compositions have become more and more powerful and joyful. They seem to have been created specifically for the walls of a museum or gallery.
In Italy, at Talamello (the province of Pesaro and Urbino), the land of the artist's forefathers, the 12th century church contains a Christ by Giotto. The town is preparing to dedicate a museum to the artist in 2002 – The Gualtieri Museum – where most of the largest paintings will be on show.
This will be a jubilee to celebrate the artistic achievement of a self-taught artist, matured through reflection unhampered by the fetters of time. Some paintings took months or even years to be created.

In 2000, he celebrated his jubilee at the Louvre Carrousel in Paris with the patronage of Monsieur Jacques Chirac, the French President and also the Minister of Culture.

The art of Gualtieri is and will remain timeless and universal.



Quaranta Anni dal solitario viaggio in Sicilia - 1972-2012

In occasione del 10° Anniversario dell'apertura del Museo Pinacoteca Gualtieri "Lo Splendore del Reale" di Talamello, ripercorriamo insieme dopo 40 anni precisi, una importante vicenda del maestro, attraverso la lettura delle pagine del suo: "Diario di Sicilia".


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